Black Lives Matter Legislation

Authors: Jack Corby, Nadine Jose, and Brandon Veal

Purpose: First off, Elon SGA unequivocally states that Black Lives Matter. We would also like to recognizing Elon's history and the experiences of marginalized communities and how we can create a more diverse and inclusive community on campus.

  • Support: This is only the FIRST step in a lengthy process, however, we must turn our focus to assisting in this effort of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by having conversations, writing legislation, and infusing it into every aspect of this campus from Faculty/Staff hiring to Admissions. And above all else we must state it loud and clear that bigotry and hatred of ANY kind is not welcome or tolerated on Elon's campus.

  • Opposition: There was no opposition to this bill.

Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Failed

This resolution passed unanimously with a vote of 46-0-0 on October 15th, 2020

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