Board of Trustee Member Louis DeJoy Resolution

Authors: Andrea Sheetz, Trevor Molin, Jack Corby

Purpose: Because of the circumstances with the 2020 Election, there seemed to be very alarming choices being made at the United States Postal Service. While SGA cannot remove a member from the Board of Trustees, the authors want the Board of Trustees to not only recognize this statement, but to make a statement of their own and then investigate the situation that is at hand.

  • Support: As a member of the Board of Trustees, we should hold them to the same standard as Elon students in conjunction with the Elon Honor Code.

  • Opposition: Because Mr. DeJoy is a donor to the University (specifically the Odyssey Program), this resolution could have some negative financial implications.

Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Failed

This resolution was passed with a vote of 40-4-3 on September 24th, 2020

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