Senate Term Elections Cycle

Authors: Nick Urbanski, Victoria Burfield, Jack Corby

Purpose: The purpose of this bill is two fold. The first part would allow for students who are studying abroad to run for a class position in the Senate, while the second part would change the legislative term. The legislative term would be adjusted to start at new legislative term no later than the last week in April to be more aligned with an academic year.

  • Support: A student should not be limited in who they represent, just because they took the opportunity to go Study Abroad. The changing of the legislative cycle would allow for more productivity and make more sense in general. Instead of a March-to-March calendar, it would be an April-to-April calendar aligning with an academic year.

  • Opposition: Allowing a student to run from abroad would allow that student to miss very critical meetings during the conception of the new Senate without the normal penalty. Changing the legislative term would allow for a larger "lame-duck" period, and interfere with the transition between the old executive board and the newly elected executive board.

Drafting | Drafted | Passed | Failed

This bill was passed with a vote of 41-2-0 on November 19th, 2020. However, on December 2nd, 2020, the bill was VETOED by the Executive President.

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