Senate Committees

**Each SGA member serves on at least one committee. There are numerous committee opportunities on campus for students. Information about all of our Standing Committees can be found below!**

Chairperson(s): Nadine José & Caitlin Strickland

Student Inclusive Campus Committee

This committee will be responsible for promoting an inclusive campus for students to express their authentic selves and the intersections of their multiple identities. This committee includes student representatives from various identity-centric organizations across campus.

Chairperson(s): Caroline Penfield

Finance Board

This board shall oversee the budgeting of the student activities fees and all financial appropriations to student organizations. The Executive Treasurer, Caroline Penfield, is the chair of this committee. The Finance Board Conducts weekly meetings, as described in the Treasurer's Manual. The voting members are comprised of the 4 Class Treasurers, the Assistant Comptroller, and 4 Non-SGA members.

Chairperson(s): William Wood

One Phoenix Committee

This committee shall be responsible for the planning and execution of all the school spirit and programming activities of the SGA along with all other activities deemed necessary by the Senate or Executive Branch.  Homecoming Events, the Elon Ball, and the Lambert Awards are all examples of such events.

Chairperson(s): Chloe Yoon

Judicial Committee

This five-member committee, consists of the four class vice presidents along with the Executive Vice President, Chloe Yoon, presiding as the Chair. This committee shall be responsible for overseeing and administering the Senatorial Conduct process outlined in the Judicial Manual.



Chairperson(s): Madison Holmes

Elections Committee

This committee will manage all elections conducted by the SGA. This committee shall rewrite the Elections Packet as needed, to be approved by the Senate as outlined in Article IX, Section A.

Chairperson(s): SGA Executives

Project Task Force

This task force shall work with the school administration and other organizations to address the concerns of the student body. The task force will investigate & address concerns by conducting research and developing projects, initiatives, and other innovative solutions to issues facing the student body.

Chairperson(s): Victoria Burfield

Public Relations Committee

This committee will be responsible for disseminating SGA information and garnering input from the student body about related matters.  The committee will also assist the Senate with publicity for Student Government Association events, programs, and legislation.